Love isn’t a feeling

Love isn’t a feeling. You feel hot, your feel angry, you feel sad, you feel happy, but you don’t Feel love…
Love is a state of being.
Is it more like stating — I exist.

You can be “in” love, almost in the same way you tune into a radio station. You need to find the right frequency. But the music of love is actually always just there, “in the air” waiting for you to tune in.

To be “out” of love, means you were absent, you were just not there. When coming out of being fully angry or depressed we usually say – “I don’t know what came over me, I was “out” of myself”. That’s exactly it… to be “in” love, means to stay in your center, make no effort, no motion, no change. Full acceptance of who and what you are. Any attempt to move toward change, being more of this or less of that is nothing more than turning the knob away from your center.

Love isn’t a feeling. It’s not something that comes and goes. It has no beginning and no end. What shifts, what changes, is your perception or capacity to accept yourself fully. The more present, in acceptance you are, the more love is suddenly there.

When you’ll be willing to meet the ultimate love of your life, you’ll realize you have been there all along.

~ Kai Karrell


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