Seattle’s Preeminent Millionaire Matchmaker Sophia Andreeva will share with you the proven techniques she and her clients have personally used to Attract Ideal Partner and Divine Relationships in record time! She will not only educate, but entertain and enlighten you. With insight and humor she will bring to your attention what most modern singles are missing while searching for Mr. and Ms. Perfect. She will share with you the secrets of her unique matchmaking approach. You will also learn in a very interactive way how to interview your date as a professional matchmaker and the most powerful rules of attraction and sync with opposite sex. She will also inspire you and give you Faith in Love! Join her Sophisticated Matchmaking Facebook page and meet others in your local area who want to share Relationship Advice. Share your struggles and your successes and learn from each other. Make new friends!

Pursue Love Deliberately!

Sophia Andreeva

Founder and CEO
Certified Matchmaker
Love and Relationship Coach
T: (206) 683-0089
F: (206) 260-7045

My professional website: http://www.sophisticatedmatchmaking.com

Become a fan of SM at Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/SMFanPage

My personal Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/sophiamatchmaker

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sophia_andreeva

Seattle Singles Group: http://meetup.com/kissandtell

Seattle Spiritual Living Group: http://meetup.com/sophiamcdonald

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