ImageLike two golden birds perched on the selfsame tree, intimate friends, the Ego and the Self dwell in the same body. The former eats the sweet and sour fruits of the tree of life, while the latter on it detachment. ~ The Mundaka Upanishad

Make a Shift in Your Consciousness and Change Your life forever

Can you imagine what kind of things can happen to you when you don’t block your mind from possibilities available to you?

You can shift your own thoughts and create your own new reality!

ASK YOURSELF – WHAT IF??? What it will be like if…? The answer is – It’s already done. Notice what you see and interact with it. Be ready to what will show up.

You already know the answer. When you decide to do something or have a question or ready for a change – it’s when you already have the necessary information and resources available for you, you already know the answer – all you have to do is to let it in. You are reading this workbook because you already have a readiness for a shift in your brain – you are ready for it. Now when you have the info and all of your dots connected, all you have to do is to allow it to come to you and happen.

NO ACTION: JUST LET IT IN – ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN TO YOU!!! What is an intent? It’s a blink of an eye… It’s an innocent perception => Whatever shows up in your life => the next moment => you let it in.

TRUST – DON’T BELIVE BUT KNOW: It’s not about action – it’s about trust – it’s done before you have ever asked. Expand your field of awareness and follow your heart. DON’T BELIEVE – drop into a state when you don’t have to believe because you KNOW– I am good, I deserve, I am loved, etc.

FUN: Make life fun – loosen up – don’t take life so seriously – nothing is real. Well, you always have an option to take everything and yourself seriously and then die and come back smart and perfect – is that what you want? Love yourself and have fun! When you are having fun – you are actually experiencing love and able to let go the negative. The best exercise ever: Lighten you heart – stop be serious – have fun with your life!!! Start your day with a good music and treat others as yourself and
you will be guaranteed to have fun.

ACTIVATE YOUR RIGHT BRAIN: You CANNOT change anything in your life using the left brain. Its always will be modification of what you already have. Your mind is like an iceberg and unfortunately we only use the tip of this iceberg. By just using your conscious mind, your expectations are limited by 10% of your total awareness. We believe that things have to be in certain order. Break this limiting belief. Don’t limit your opportunities by limiting your expectations. We even have a limitation how we measure our expectations…

It takes consciousness to collapse possibility into actual reality by exercising freedom of choice.

Each sec consciousness reveals to us a tiny fraction of 11 mln bits of information, which our senses pass to our brains. Trust your intuition! Your intuition is based not on your perceived reality but on infinite information field.

FOCUS ON A DREAM: Don’t focus on problem but work on dreams. When we focus on what is wrong we don’t let it go. Have you ever heard of Institute of Asthma? How about renaming it into Institute of Breathing? When you are identifying the problem how can you ever get over

it? Wait till your consciousness will give up and will let go your old reality –only then you will get an immediate shift in your actual reality.

When you think there is something wrong with you or your partner or your life and you are trying to CHANGE it in order to deal with it, you don’t allow it to happen. You should let it go and not to think about it, and focus on the dream/goal, feel and smell it, like it is already a reality not a dream.

POSSIBILITIES: All of us made from white light and we all are possibilities.
Treat People as Possibilities!

There is an ocean of possibilities but as soon as you let your consciousness (negative self-talk) to step into the picture – you put yourself in to a box of problems. (Sub consciousness tells you – I love you my son/my daughter. Consciousness (self-talk) tells you – I hate you, you suck…)

There is no pain, there is no problem, there are no relationships – it’s all in your head! There is no even you in the version you know yourself – you can be anything in connection with universe. Atoms are not things either – they are possibilities… Person is a probability cloud. There is no body, no mind, no problem – it’s an atom reality. There is no brain either – only possibilities until it collapses.

STOP CARING and CONTROLING: You cannot change anything when you care… transformation happen because you don’t try any more to change things. While you let it go, you can multiply the results you are looking for from 1 to 10. When you don’t care helps, because you stop being attracted to outcome.
So stop feeding your ego state and let it go.

Don’t try to control love – let it happen, be able to stay vulnerable. Rather then struggle – accept help and open yourself for infinite possibilities come form unexpected source. Allow the Universe to Surprise you. What will show up will be perfect for you in the certain moment.

START CHANGE FROM YOURSELF: People around you are the reflection of the energy you are caring with you. You want different people to show up in your life – start change from yourself first. Replace your old thoughts with a new ones about yourself and the world you live in). Detach from you normal accusations. New frequencies will apply to you by itself. Remember you are not fixing anything in yourself, there is nothing wrong with you or who you are. What is wrong with you is what you think of who you are.

FORGIVE YOURSELF and GET RID OF REGRETS: There cannot be regret about your past. Your past is what you have intended for yourself at certain point of your life and matched your energy level at that particular moment. Recognize and forgive yourself for all and everything. In state of despair – forgive yourself without judging yourself. Practice forgiveness to others but start from yourself.

ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE: When you truly accept who you are – everything will come. Give up a NEED to be perfect… You are perfect already… You don’t allow yourself to see you as a perfect. Evaluate you limiting identifications and allow divine love you are built of to be seen by others and by yourself. Think not about who you ARE but who you WILL BE. Don’t make your reference point who you are today – the next you will be very different.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART: The heart, by the way, has nothing to do with your expectations and emotions (they come from your Ego). Don’t just believe – follow your heart – if it doesn’t feel right and you are not comfortable – get out of the situation without regret – it was not right for
you. If you DON’T LIKE yourself in the relationships get out of these relationships – build the new one. It is your choice how much energy you put into it.

WHAT IS LOVE: Magnetic field with electro potential – zero point field – the field of the highest possible frequencies – the sacred space – the creator – God. All of us are made of it. Divine Love is what all of us made of. It is already in you. Allow it to show up by eliminating your limiting beliefs from your mind. Love is an individualization of spirit. The only thing that matters is spirit. But most people understand under love reaction to external circumstances or internal desires. People confuse love with what they want or desire.

STOP BEING ADVERSARIAL: If you believe there is good and evil – you will always have one against another. How about thinking that evil is just an absent of good. Life is not white and black. Life is fair. But it doesn’t feel fair sometimes. It can hurt sometimes. Don’t expect life to be perfect – just be there – let the heart lead you. All expectations set up a polarity. Once you embrace your intention => its all happen. The more you want it the more you extend the results. Recognize your roadblocks and release it. That’s the only think that collapses struggles of duality.

RECOGNIZE YOURSELF IN YOURSELF: We have a huge factory of layers of consciousness full of explanations of what I can’t do, can’t be and why I cannot! Turn it off! Where shouldn’t be any difference in your emotional experience – there is only love. When you have a different experience rather than love – you must recognize that it is your Ego and you must let your ego go. When you give up some points of yourself – you get what you want. Grow to the highest spiritual frequencies and learn to stay in power without loosing the state of grace, the innocent perception of love without judgment.

LISTEN CAREFULLY: IF you care about somebody’s story – it’s not about them – it’s about how YOU are related to the story because of your issue and your relativeness to it. When you say negative/bad things about others –what is your inner You says laud what it thinks about yourself by noticing it in others. By saying out laud negative things about others your ego is satisfying itself. Listen closely what people say about others and the world, and you will learn what they indeed think about themselves

Written by Sophia Andreeva
Sophisticated Matchmaking, Inc. Copyrights 2006-2013. All rights reserved.



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