How To Pick The Right Coach

The level of consciousness of a coach is crucial for your coaching success A coach can go through all kinds of certifications, BUT if the inner work has not been finished, and unless the coach has healed his wounds, he can’t help anyone remove the root of their issues; he just allows clients to deal … Continue reading How To Pick The Right Coach

Why Hire A Coach

“Your mind is your predicament. You don’t see your prison because its bars are invisible. Part of my task is to point out your predicament, and I hope it is the most disillusioning experience of your life.” ~Dan Millman Personal growth usually means a comprehensive process of expanding your inner freedom and achieving self-actualization. This … Continue reading Why Hire A Coach

Quantum Tantra

Teaser for Your Thoughts Quantum Dating about Consciousness and Tantra The ultimate and final outcome of our thoughts and feelings is always accompanied by an action in the physical world. By altering our closely guarded judgments and treasured perceptions we may also begin to change the physical parameters of our world. Quantum Science, Consciousness And … Continue reading Quantum Tantra

What Quantum Theory Has To Do With Dating

A miracle can occur when you get into an induction with a way of thinking or a belief system Quantum Leap Quantum Dating A miracle can occur when you get into an induction with a way of thinking or a belief system. “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes … Continue reading What Quantum Theory Has To Do With Dating

Power Of Intuition

Knowledge Beyond Conscious Awareness portrait d'un bel homme brun The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gifts.”  ~Albert Einstein  Intuition And ConsciousnessFactors Affecting IntuitionMastering Intuition To Ensure Your SuccessIntuition And SpontaneityLiving Less Out Of … Continue reading Power Of Intuition

Date Like An Observer

At The Quantum Level, Consciousness Expresses Its Free Will Quantum Dating Without Illusions The notion of treating people like possibilities rather than fixed structures is a healthy one” ~ Nick Herbert, Physicist The Land of Illusions – The Mind Conscious people are actively focused on evolving instead of trying to catch someone or something. When … Continue reading Date Like An Observer