Swiping But No Success? No Surprise…

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 2.20.55 AMAs usual, summer has been the busiest season of the year for dating and matchmaking. I am inundated with requests from people who are burned out on dating relaying on online applications to find Mr. and Ms. Right. Unfortunately, what most single are facing after endless swiping left or right, there are not Right ones to be found there. Even after browsing through hundreds of profiles and making sure all the pre-requisites are met, no actual dates get materialized and all they acquire is just a few new virtual friends. And if they finally meet, the date often brings disappointments, as a person on the other end of the table has no serious intentions or looks nothing like their online profile photos. How exhausting! and probably very familiar. I do believe that online dating can help a love miracle to happen, but most people do not have time, patience and often a good screening skill to pick matches that are worth their time and efforts.
To find out more about how a matchmaker can ensure you cross paths with singles in your criteria and high standard, singles who are intentional about finding a life partner and not just a casual dates, schedule a complimentary consultation.
Your Soulmate might be only one phone call away!
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