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Believe it or not but our Valentime Party 2012 was a huge success and one couple that met at that party is getting married this summer!

Here is an email I have received today from a friend of a lucky man! (…Names of a happy couple are changed due to privacy)

Shahin Zanoozi

From: Shahin.Zonoozi

Subject: LOVE STORY of Sarah and James
Date: January 25, 2013 11:04:58 AM PST

It was Valentines day and my best friend James called me and said there is a party at the Bellevue Suite that beautiful Sophia is hosting and if I would be interested in attending, I did.  After an hour at the bar we decided to order few drinks and meet two beautiful young ladies who were friends. One of the ladies was a stunning and intelligent Persian girl whom I connected since we speak the same language. Soon I realized she is a very successful, young, ambitious, and deserving woman.  My best friend, James seemed to be closer in age to her and far more established than I so I simply introduced them both together and backed off. In a matter of an hour they simply clicked, they were speaking so intently as if no one else existed.  They were laughing, smiling and listening to each other.  I just knew it somehow. After that they left to go somewhere quieter to speak and next thing I know They are traveling around the world together and at final destination, Cabo James closes a beach for her and proposes. They are getting married this summer all thanks to the opportunity Sophia brought with her Valentines day party. I am thankful for my best friends who are such a beautiful couple.



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